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The company Accord Industrial Work’s inception can be traced back to the early many years.

Since then It has been engaged in the manufacture of sheet metal works and press components made out of stainless steel and mild steel.With knowledge and expertise, Accord Industrial Works broadened its horizons into manufacturing of automobile bushes after surveying and studying both technical and marketing aspects.Last few years the company has been involved in the commercial production of Bimetal Bushes for automobile components. In now a days the company is manufactures of various automotive components. In a short span of time, the company has secured a distinct place in the market. It has a strong and satisfying clientele.

Our Products

We are listed among the most prominent precision sheet metal parts manufacturer for Automobile & Electronic Industries. Precision components with high volume are made on multistage progressive tools & Raw Material in strip form is fed through De-coiler & Feeder mechanism.

  • Precision Sheet Metal Parts
  • Deep Drawn Pressed Parts
  • Sheet metal Fabricated Assemblies
  • Heat Sinks

How it works ?

Accord Industries is committed to supply Quality Products, to meet and satisfy the requirements and expectations of our Customers with focus on timely deliveries with continual improvement in Quality, Environment, Safe & Healthy working conditions and Prevention of pollution of any type, meeting company’s established and applicable legal requirements